Custom Design Process

Steps to your perfect home

We’re delighted that you’ve made the decision to create a custom home for your family. Cherry Creek Building is dedicated to building your dream home and committed to offering personal assistance every step of the way.


Meet the builder

During this journey, you will meet with the builder and his highly skilled and experienced team to identify your wants and needs; this includes working closely with your lender or recommending a lender that is right for you. It is our top priority to ensure that your new home fulfills all of your desires while remaining affordable.

Location, Location, Location

The Cherry Creek team understands that location is just as important as the home itself. We will assist you with selecting a homesite in one of our distinguished developments or bring our expertise to your site.



two people are working on the design blueprint of a home. The person on the left is holding a pen in one hand and a pair of glasses in the other. The person on the right is placing their hand on the blueprint and using their other hand to point out a specific area in the blueprint.

Begin your desgin

As a client, you can choose from one of our fully customizable home layouts, bring your own plan, or create a unique design with our in-house architect. Bringing your vision to life is important to us, meaning we will meet as many times as necessary to ensure that you feel entirely comfortable. After approving the architectural plans and contract, you will be invited into our design center, where one of our designers will personally help you with options and finishes.

Welcome home!

Our commitment to excellence does not end at closing. Your home will come with a comprehensive warranty and continued support from our team. Welcome home!